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="Buzztime" Coffeemate Surgitel
Ashtel Dental QSI
Henry Schein Weave

Sending your solo campaign to 50,000 grounds buyers is a
cost-effective way to:

• Drive Buyers to Your Website
• Promote Videos
• Launch New Products
• Promote a Special Offer
• Educate grounds buyers
• Generate Sales Leads
• Gain Social Media Followers
• Promote your Trade Show Booth
• Close Sales

What makes Dental-Dek email campaigns better than others?
1 In addition to a report of views and clicks, we provide a match back report that includes the email address of each buyer that clicked through to your website from your email, as well as additional contact information we may have for those buyers.(See sample match back below)
2 We offer creative services to design and code your email campaign to optimize both deliverability and clicks.
3 Our list is continuously refreshed with new grounds buyers.
4 We comply with all CAN-SPAM requirements and scrupulously manage our email reputation with ISPs.
5 Your email ad is featured on our website for 60 days with a hyperlink to your site. Great for your SEO ranking.
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